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going beyond boundaries

thebridge is a platform that will enable thinkers and makers from across disciplines, sectors and borders to engage with each other in a flexible co-working environment and develop the ideas that will shape our future and open the door to tomorrow.


Work beyond co-work in an inspiring space that gives people the flexibility to express and create the ideas that will help business grow. Offering solutions to for individuals or companies ranging from and daily to long term engagement, thebridge is a place where work isn’t work and goes much beyond co-work.


Innovation occurs in spaces where people and ideas co-exist and co-work. We can’t predict where the next breakthrough will come from, so thebridge is creating a unique environment to help stimulate sharing, offering venues where events, meetings, seminars, or social connections can flourish.


thebridge is where the world connects, at the heart of an established group of innovation hubs across Asia, connecting businesses across industries to grow, nurture and facilitate performance in a productive flexible work environment.

our values

why are we different?

is formed around a culture of collaboration, where experiences come together to connect and inspire each other and spark imagination. To do more, go further, and do it again. We celebrate work with an enriching social life of the community. With unique spaces and active programming, we curate limitless engaging experience for every members of our community.

Our philosophy is founded on three powerful ideas:

Gritty – we do what we say, face up to challenges and make things happen, and are driven by results.

Seeking – always looking for the next, discovering new experiences, and finding ways to improve lives.

Inspiring – we are inspired and aim to inspire others, with a sense of purpose and to make a difference.


a community of opportunity

Building diverse communities under one roof and across a single virtual network that drives ideation, lead generation, and shared resources through three distinct, but complementary community offerings.



Sharing the moments when work isn’t work and there’s time to relax, to enjoy the company of colleagues and make new connections.



Co-work in a vibrant and diverse space where the solution you need is often there beside you, or in the connections you make via our virtual net.


Bring experiences across businesses to come together – connect and create opportunities.

make the connection

Every partnership starts with a conversation.

Get in touch, we would be happy to tell you more or show you what thebridge is about.

Email: enquiry@thebridge-asb.com
Phone: +65 8300 7105

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